My batteries are the highest quality and are the first choice of top Sizzlers racers like Sizzler King and Rivera Racing. They will not rust, will not leak, are high capacity, have a long life and have no memory problems.

When the people at want to build one of their 500ft or larger Sizzlers Fat tracks, they rely on my batteries to be sure their Sizzlers cars can easily go around their track multiple times.

My batteries debuted at the 2013 California Hot Wheels convention. At the convention, cars using my batteries finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Cars with my batteries have dominated the Hot Wheels conventions ever since. At the 2016 Hot Wheels convention, no car advanced to the finals without my batteries on board. In over four years, I haven't received one complaint. Just make sure to leave some charge in the batteries when not in use and they should last a long time.

Let's go racing!

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Shipping costs: 1-5 batteries = $3, 6-10 batteries = $6, 11-15 batteries = $9, 16-20 batteries = $12 and 21+ batteries = $15

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