Welcome to Sizzlers.Racing

Hello and welcome!

My name is Karl and I am a Sizzlers enthusiast!

I got my first Sizzlers track in 1970. Hands down it was the best Christmas gift I ever got as a kid. I had already fallen in love with racing by attending the INDY 500 so when I got my first Sizzlers track I was on cloud nine. Over 4 years ago I started searching for Sizzlers to share with my grandkids. I found Sizzlers on eBay and instantly I was taken back to my childhood. Once I got the kids setup I started thinking maybe I could help others recapture a little of their childhood memories and maybe help them to share this wonderful hobby with their own children and grandchildren.

The response since I started has been overwhelming at times and I have received so many thanks for what I do now. I truly hope I can help you to enjoy this hobby once again or for the first time.

Thanks for taking a look and let's go racing!

Karl T.

Questions about Sizzlers?

If you have any questions about Sizzlers cars, which size batteries are needed, how much would it cost to repair/fix up a car, etc, please use the contact link at the top right of this web page and email me your questions.